Sunday, October 24, 2010

10P-15, October 24

This is actually 10P-15. It has been listed as "10P-14" for years.

One day I got an Email from Mirjam, my friend from Amsterdam. I'd met her on the beach some years back; she comes to Venice fairly often to visit friends. Included with the Email was an image of the sculpture I'd just done, called "Larry Was Here." My calling cards are unique but temporary, and she happened by at the right time.

We made arrangements to meet on the beach. A reunion of sorts; we hadn't see each other for a few years. It was an atypically gloomy day. Most of the time autumn in southern California is warm and clear.

Mirjam always has her camera. I didn't bring mine, as was usual practice at the time. She came over a few days later with the memory card and I could Sneakernet the images onto my computer. Thanks, Mirjam!

Photography by Mirjam Boelaars.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010: 10P-14

I did my typical lightweight edition sculpture, and left. Later in the day I received an Email from my friend Mirjam, whom I'd met on the beach some years before. She comes to Venice to visit friends, and likes to walk the beach. She just happened to see the sculpture, and knew immediately who had made it.

Email note sent to a friend:
Then I walked to the beach to see if the sand was still good, this time with the bag of tools. I was just going to make a simple arch, but with better execution. Well, things got a little out of hand and I made a more complicated sculpture. Still had some larger arch-like spaces, but parts curved in and around. I really had to pee, though, so didn't do my usual contemplative looking around. I missed the water balance; I thought the lasagne would soak up more water.

The day was sparkly. Clouds over the mountains, brisk wind raising whitecaps and blowing sailboats along nicely. High clouds streamed in, looking to be the precursor of a storm.

Tim Rudnick, the man I met years ago who wants to start an oceanarium in Venice, came ambling by. I hadn't seen him in a while. We caught up on news. He said there was a storm predicted... bring it on!

Managed to stagger over to the restroom, and then walked home along the beach.