Monday, February 1, 2010

10P-8, February 1 (2010)

I didn't write a report about this but did send a quick note to a friend at the time.

"Yesterday got a little strange, In a good way, but still confused. I headed for the beach around 1230 but ended up being early, so had to wait. That was fine. Started the sculpture and worked fast, which is, I think, why my back hurts today. Anyway, the day was kind of hazy when I got there, but clouds gradually built up. Thin sheets to the west... cool wind... damp... I had a hard time keeping up with the heat loss and it only got worse. I ended up cutting the work short somewhat, doing my photography and getting out while I could still feel my fingers. Damp and sand all over. Took a hot shower as soon as I got back.
     "It was a nice sculpture. Nothing revolutionary, but good. Incremental changes. No images yet. I haven't done the processing. Making lunch now. Trader Joe's mushroom ravioli with some sauce I'm making with sausage, green pepper and mushrooms."

My note written in the Tidelog says only "Cold..." and indicates the sculpture took about 2.5 hours. Start time looks to be just before 14:00.

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