Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10P-10 through 10P-13

Retirement is interesting. The first month was a breeze. Then all the issues I had kept under an iron lid, in order to be able to get to work each day and keep my job, started to exercise themselves and the ride got progressively rougher. I stopped sculpting for a while.

I returned to the beach on September 22, without the camera. The Canon EOS-1D Mark II is a great camera but is big and heavy. Add the 24-70 zoom and it's a serious addition to the load. It was hard enough getting myself moving, and shedding the camera made it a little easier.

There has always been tension between sculpture and record-keeping. I decided to concentrate on sculpture. A few friends remonstrated with me and eventually got me to bring the camera with me, but not until early 2011.

10P-10, September 22: no report, no record other than the date

10P-11, September 24: no report, only date recorded.

10P-12, October 19: no report, brief note says this was an "attempted arch."

10P-13, October 20: no report, brief note saying it was an arch made without tools.